My work as an artist can be divided in to three different part; my performance art work, my installation work and my work involving artist run organizations.

I do see our existence as something transitory and fragile, our will full of passion but still sadly so weak in front of the harshness of life. We are at the mercy of each other, nature, of reality in the whole. In the end the only thing that we can claim as our own is the time we live and even that we can cling on to but must move from one moment to the next.
The use of insallation materials relate strongly to this world view. They are fragile and vulnerable to interaction. Time has increasingly become part of my pieces in form of different kind of cycles and rythms.
What I formost look for in my installation work is resonance between the artwork and body experience. I research into how the work relates to different body size, what it feels like to move in it and what is the time span or rythm or the piece is. Of this research I create a event that the viewer collides with.

The center of my performance work in emotional availability. This state is something that I feel is created on set in interaction with the audience and it colours the performance as much as the given props or chosen actions. It is something I do not choose beforehand but let it grow there and then. Although I do use action scripts in my performances, this atmosphere of interaction also does change and guide the actions. I am definitely not an actor that portrays an emotion or takes character but a person present as her self in interaction with the audience. This is my way of moving away from the instrumentation of people that is present in society.
I would still say that my performance work relies on visual action art that has a strong and living tradition in Finland. The visual and sematic messages of the used props and actions are still a strong part of my work.

My Work in Associations

I have worked in Rajataide Association 2009-2012. It is an artist run organization in Tampere that try’s to help emerging artist in Pirkanmaa. I have worked in it as an Vise president for 2009 and was then in charge of the funding for the the association. In later years I have been in charge of the gallery maintenance and have acted as the co-Producer of MediaPyhät. MediaPyhät was a chain of media art events that took place between 2009-2012. Our last event was Featherweight Portable Museum that was an media art exchange with Catalyst Arts.

Since the autumn of 2012 I have worked in the curatorial and producing team of a Tampere based performance art even called Perfo!. We have yearly produced 2-4 events, mostly in Telakka but also in Tehdas 108 and Pori Art Museum.