Kaisa Luukkonen lives and works currently in Gothenburg, Sweden. She works with  performance and installation art. She was born in Kuopio in 1974, from where fathers work took the family to Brasil and Indonesia for few years. She  returned to Kuopio to finish her high school. She then went on to study a commerce and pottery.  Later she come in contact with sculpture by working as a model. She studied a BA degree in a material oriented art school of Polytechnical School of Satakunta Kankaapää Unit ( formerly known as Kankaapää Art School ). After school and few traveling years Kaisa Luukkonen ended up finding her place in Tampere and in the arms of Rajataide Assosiation. She worked there as a Vice President and as Gallery Manager. She was the Co-Producer of MediaPyhät-media art happenings between 2009-2012. After MediaPyhät folded Luukkonen worked performance club Perfo until 2016.  Currently Luukkonen is on her finishing year of Masters of Fine in Gothenburg University

Kaisa Luukkonens installations often modify and duplicate the recognizable objects to create an alternative universe that embraces the viewer as a body-mind entity. Her performance work has strong elements of emotional availability, embracing the fairytale quality of imperfection and possibility of agency of all people involved.