Kaisa Luukkonen (b.1974. Kuopio, FI) lives and works currently in Gothenburg, Sweden working with performance and installation art. Luukkonen studied fields of commerce and pottery before she got in contact with sculpture attending Kankaapää Art School, graduating her BA in 2005. In Tampere she spent time in various roles for Rajataide Association, including Vice President, Gallery Manager and as co-producer, alongside Jussi Koitela, of MediaPyhät – media art happenings between 2009-2012 . After MediaPyhät Luukkonen moved to co-produce performance club Perfo! until 2016. In 2016 she moved to Gothenburg attaining her MFA at Akademin Valand, Gothenburg.

Kaisa Luukkonen’s work often shifts between large and small phenomenons. Her works look in to relationships between the personal and groups, between internal worlds and their social manifestations. She has the tendency to embrace the co-existence of multiple meanings instead of believing in the simplest answer. In this spirit her work is alway in a relation to the audience and is completed in that relationship.

Modalities of time have plagued Luukkonen’s work but lately she has been stuck with futures.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Bad Timing (2018) at Gothenburg Konsthall, Sigh I and Sigh II (2018) at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm and current engagement with Nordic Islands Action in Nature a series of performance events in Gothenburg (Sweden), Åland (Finland), The Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Svalbard (Norway).