Garden of Adam and Eve

Description of the Piece

The piece consists of a metal garden gate that is covered by origami flora and fauna and a round glass mounted on golden stones that also carry on it origami flowers and animals. Togerther they form a motif of a garden. When you look closer to the colourful origamis you notice that they are made out of adult magazines and that you can clearly make recognise their usual motifs.


In my twenties porn was something that I easily demonised and saw as degridating for women. Now that time has passed and I have looked in to the subject more. I have listened different people arguing about it and found out different phenomenas linked to it. The people that produce porn used to be professionals as now majority of porn is produced by amators that are in to it. Am I really to say that all this people are sick or broken and that modesty is the only sane norm? Is it really that horrible if someone wants to make a carreer out of this exhibitionist traid and get paid for it either? I am not denying that in porn bussiness a lot of shady things are happening too but to condem all because them is a form of hypocrism.

The porn imaginery has slipped in to our everyday photo stream though music videos and adverticement imaginery. By definition porn is braking of the tabu’s and as though it is one of the most effective means to grab our attention. Ofcourse those in marketing cannot leave this card unused. The question what this constant exposion to stimulating imagery does to us? What does it do to our image or our sexuality and us as physical beings? What does it do to children growing up in this image enviroment?

To me porn is a theme that exposes a different thought, a different side to it everytime I look at it.
Still I want to look through all those layers and see the person in the pictures. And it is to those people I want to grant the sanctimony of the origame. As who they are, in their own flesh as all humans are of  value and beauty.