Garden of Ambiguity1

Description of the Piece

The floor of the exhibition space is covered by black stemmed white plastic roses. The rose field rises to aproximatly one meter or bit higher than hip level. There are walking paths cut in to the field and voices rise and fall from four different sides of the room as if having a discussion. They are all voicing out their opinions about Iraq war and its consequences.


Coalition of Willing started its attack in to Iraq in March 20th 2003. By that time my personal war in Iraq was already over. I felt like I had been conquered already. The Garden of Anbiquety was created when 5 years had passed on from that moment and the war still went on. At this moment the violence hasnt stopped even when the US troops are withdrawing from the area. I still feel anger, despair and I still believe that the war did not improve the quality of life of the Iraqi people. Or did it? Who am I to judge as I am not there trying to build a life. Isn’t a bit hypocritical to be in such anguish and lead a pretty normal life in a rather safe place. Or should I keep on making noice orgenise protests demand the US troops out of Iraq for the rest of my life? In 2003 I was ready to make a martyr of myself so that many more would have a peacefull life and now I look back at it and cant really say was I right or wrong. The movement I joined dissolved in its own unability to function without a structure and impossible goals. I know through my actions I could have effected opinions of many through media too but I really didn’t know how to play that game either. That trip did have a heavy toll on my personal life too. When I came home I really had no choise but to live a quiet life where I conformed but tryed to do my best inside the society. Even inside it I am aware of the moral ambiquity of all our actions.

 I do not believe that I somehow can save the world with art. I don’t even believe that I would find some more profound truth about conflicts then people who have studied them academically. This is a subject that I have personally strong need to talk about. I believe that so do many others that have been in contact with it in one way or another. Iraq War has been in our living rooms via media for a long time and it has effected generation of people that have never been there. Wouldn’t it be better to talk about it?