I’m Trying to Tell You

Yritän kertoa sulle

Description of the Piece

I’m Trying To Tell You is an outdoor installation. It is a round maze formed by light blue wooden poles and a long narrow white banner.  The cloth hangs from pole to pole as if drying. All along the cloth there is something stitched in morse code. The sound of morse code emitted from the center of the maze and is audible until the perimeter of the labyrinth.


I’m Trying To Tell You is a piece about the difficulty of understanding each other. We trust in words as our messengers but they often do fail. Unverbal communication is emphasised nowadays but that has its cultural barriers too. Sometimes the message is complicated and it does take a lot of time to transfer and a lot of good will to understand. Also in this hectic time we tend to give more space to clearly and well expressed thoughts rather then obscure and complicated ones. Of course we all know that they can be equally important but who has time to find out what the obscure message really meant. When we come to art there is the possibility of third space. As long as we have enough empathy to give the piece a chance we can find our own game, our own relationship with the piece that is indipendant with of what the artist meant. It really doesn’t matter what the morse code says on a sunny summer day as long as you get to play around in the maze.

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