Keep On Dreaming

Keep On Dreamng whole

Picture by Karoliina Paappa

Keep On Dreaming in Mältinranta Art Center, Tampere 26.5. -12.6.2012
500 latex balloons, 500 needels, helium, protective tent, 19 days

Description of the Piece

Positioned in the center of the room there is a cubic, white, transparent tent. There is a corridor kind of passage in to the tent at the head of it. Inside the tent is filled with white helium balloons that have sharp needels attached to them in the holding string. The balloons with their attachements form cloud like formations that are in slow motion and they are in various different stages of decend during the time of exhibition.


Keep On Dreaming is a piece that deals with the dream state that one falls into through the routine of everyday life.

We make constantly choises in our lives presuming that we are in contact with reality. This sence of reality is extremely fragile and often not even not so based on facts but we need it to survive. We need some sence of continuity and security to be able to go on with the routines of daily life. We as humans need to feel there is sence to go on with living. This same illusion of order can obscure us from seeing the possible alternative choises that we have. When we are confronted with a crises that brakes this illusion of reality we face also a possibility to wake up from it. Sometimes this helps us see what is trivial and what is essential in our lives. Other times it just shows us truths too ugly and unbearable. Whatever it is that crises lays bare about our lives, eventually we turn back to haven of everyday dream.

Keep On Dreamin needel shower