Rotten Eggs

Description of the Piece
The piece is held together by a green net pouch on the wall. Inside it there is three fans that push 45 white balloons around. The motion they make inside the net is laconic.

Womanhood is often seen as an ability to reproduce. This notion is unpassable when you have passed the milestone of 30 and do not have children. Relatives, co-workers and healthcare specialist all think they have a right to comment and to presume that you do want to have children but something has gone wrong. I can honestly say that when I was younger I really didn’t think while having sex that it would lead to creating of life. Now I watch my closest friends measure their ovulation cycles while others feel really strongly that this world does not need more babies. In this crossfire of ideologies and with cultural background I have strugled to find out how I personally feel about this issue. I seem to wonder around like the the odd balloons in the piece. In my indecision I can hope that nature will make this decision for me.