Sweet Bunnies

Sweet Bunnies

Sweet Bunnies, 2009

Description of the Piece

This piece is made out of twelve realistic size hare statues and a floor mat with a picture of a tiger on it. The hare figures are made of paper but their texture is very gypsum like. Here and their in their surface you can see as if immersing from somewhere deeper with in shiny surfaces made out of chocolate paper. The hare statues seem to spread around the tiger motif mat on the floor, on the walls and even on the ceiling. One of them has fallen over next to the mat exposing its empty innards.

Sweet Bunnies and Rotten Eggs kellahtanut pupu


It is funny how sometimes so different worlds advocate the same values. The world of the bunny girls and the bible both tell women that they are to fulfill need to breed. In both it is valued that women are happy, chirpy, innocent and sensitive. Foremost she needs to be willing when needed. This are not the qualities that come in mind with the women I know and none of these qualities have helped this women to survive in real life. Some how this mystical creature portraid is as unrealistic to me as the Easter bunny with its chocolate paws.