December 18th 2012 Porin Juhlaviikot Galleria 3h+k


Auntie Whites Death and Transcendence was last performance of Auntie White series that I worked on from 2007 to 2010. They all focused on the phenomena s and rules of social interaction and were all in themselves social experimentation. In Auntie White Death and Transcendence I addressed the problem that somebody with no training and no competence was going about trying out different social programming methods and even not as a peer but from behind a social mask of a character. In my mind it was time to say good bye to the pseudonym and go on performing as myself.

Description of the Piece

Auntie Whites Death and Transcendence was performed 18th January 2010 being part of the program for Porin Juhlaviikot in 3h+k Gallery Pori. The performance had three different parts. In the first part I approached people in the performance happening audience on by one in the intervals and we had a discussion about things that they wanted to let go in their lives. As a result of the conversation either the interviewed or I wrote down the result of the conversation on a white paper and attached it on a white helium balloon.

In the second part I gathered people around me, next to the balloon cloud that had formed from all the different conversations. I explained why I was doing the performance at the same time cutting my white costume from me with extremely dull scissors. A girl of eleven was helping me to attach pieces of my costume on the balloons. The emotional range was wide and at times when I was speaking I let my stage fright be clearly seen. In the end there was a general emotion of release and perseverance.

As the last part I dressed myself in my everyday clothes and asked the audience to take the balloons outside. We let them go all in one to the cold night sky all together in general euphoria.