2010, Vastavirta klubi Tampere

Desciption of the Piece

In this performance we try to adress the look in to gossiping and what kind of needs and functions it serves in a group. In the beginning of the performance Kaisa Luukkonen adresses the audience dressed in a white outfit and telling her own experiences as a gossiper and of gossip.She also asks the members of audience of their experiences and a discussion fallows of the themes that come up. The discussion is fallowed with an adaptation of a old game called Broken Telephone. Kaisa Luukkonen wispers to four different audience members sentences that all contain a name and an action that is concidered of low morale or even criminal. The members of audience then wisper it on to the person next to them and that person passes what they have heard it pass it on in the same fassion. The sentenses inevitably are misheard and change in the process. People end up being laughing and being puzzled and for most they end up being in an interaction with each other. When the sentences have gone around or stop somewhere the game is stopped and the last members that have heard the sentences are asked to tell aloud what they have heard. This messages are discussed and the original sentences are told. In this discussion the elements of gossipping are re-evaluated and whith this the performance is concluded.


There are many names to this action but few of them are flattering. Few of us admits publicly to practice it and even fewer admits to condone it. Nevertheless almost all of us do it one form or other. The action in question is gossiping