August 28th 2012, What A Mess!-Hydrogenfabriken, Fredrikstad, Norway

Description of the Piece

 The performance, In the End, started with me sitting in a rigid posture on a see through baroque polythene chair. Sitting in that posture looking slightly sideways from the audience I let the feeling of sadness and of longing submerge and let it physically manifest until the feeling became so strong that I had to move. I took eye contact with members of the crowd, sat up from the chair and went to pick up a brush from the side table. I then unfolded a ladder, climbed on top of it and started to brush my hair downwards vigorously. I tried to brush it as far down as possible starting to climb down the stairs. In the end my hair only touched the ground when I was lying down at the ground. I stayed there for a while stroking my hair and looking at people from under it. Finally I took the brush away to the side table and took a black plate with ten black apples on it and set it on the chair. I slowly chose one apple, picked it up, was stained by the black surface and took a bite. Immediately after I had taken a bite I spat and threw the apple away. Same fallowed with the all the apples, with a slight variance in force and effort put in the eating of them, until there was only one left. I took that last apple into my hands to eat it and held it in front of me crying. After the burst of emotions had passed I put the apple inside my shirt and turned to pick up an umbrella from the side table. I climbed up the ladder and standing on the top held the umbrella high above my head. When I let the umbrella open there was a burst of golden confetti cloud that spread around.


Two different subjects were addressed In the End: our need to be in recognised and loved and the question of existence of good and evil in us. They seem to be distant and unrelated subjects but when looked in to more deeply they have a very strong bond in our psychological build-up. The female characters of different fables often portray mixture of both these themes and give different solutions with their actions. Same actions and symbols are also repeated in different fables. In my performance for example the character of the apple eater who can be taken as Biblical Eve or Cinderella. First one, of the two, eats an apple as to understand, the second one, to fall asleep so a Prince could save her.