17 February, 2012 Supermarket – art fare, Kutlturhuset, Stockholm


Romantic emotions have a strong effect on us but on top of that there is a strong pressure from outside concerning these emotions. There are expectations what you are going to do with your emotions and how you are going to direct them. Finnish society advocates relationships that are preferably monogamist, preferably with opposite sex and preferably lifelong and preferably offspring producing. When are drawn towards another person this expectations come to play part and funnily enough studies show that they play a strong part in the transition from short try out period moving towards a more stable relationship. Even with these emotions we are not autonomous but guided by what we have learned to be good and correct, and we do this consciously or unconsciously.

To me these pressures and the emotions that have felt towards different people have been in an enormous contradiction. I really don’t know to this day if I am wrongly wired or just have just have had bad luck but I have not been able to keep any relationship that would even remotely resemble this standard advocated by the society. As I am not immune to the calls of romantic entanglements the result has been that I have been in series of very varying forms of relationships. These relationships have not been all torturous but often difficult especially because of the expectations that have been there. This is the landscape of emotions from witch It’s All About Romance takes its elements. It draws a picture of a state of mind that has been created by involuntarily living outside a norm romantic relationship.