16 February, 2012 Art Supermarket Kulturhuset Stockholm


Revolution Girl qnaws at the ankles of The Goddess Of Revolution. This Godess that has given birth to democrasy, to freedom and to modern society. Or so the you would at least think when you listen to people in their Chequevara shirts sitting in a pub after the anti-goverment protests. It is a different story that people that have gone through revolutions tell us. Sometimes they bring more freedom and sometimes they bring more justice. Sometimes revolutions only bring other people to the power that run the country exactly as the previous rulers or even worse. By heritage I have heard that ‘All revolutions eat their children.’ and been taught to be sceptic of uprising.

By thousands people have participated in revolutions in the past two years. In Tunisia, in Eqypt, in Lybia and in Syria people have said that this is enough in various ways. They have said that it is not an option that the people in power stay in power because they are not doing their job of running the country for the people well enough. People have trusted that by revolting against current power something better will come out.

By heritage I have heard that ‘All revolutions eat their children’ and been taught to be sceptic of uprising. I have been taught that revolutions when they really overpower those in power does not bring forth true change for the people. Even in my own life time I have seen revolution been marketed like a Coca Cola and with same gestures and banners so I have become sceptic of it in that way too. Sceptic that revolution brings forth true change. Not that I have better alternatives seeing how people with good intentions become negotiators of lesser evil, the politicians.